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International Eco-House, established in 1992, is dedicated to the dissemination of advanced building technology and related products to the Japanese housing industry. We firmly believe that for new products to be successful, the home builder and his suppliers must not only understand the product and be well trained in its installation and operation, but also, they must understand how the design and construction of the home can be optimized to take full advantage of that product. To this end, we provide not only extensive information and training on the product lines we supply but we also provide information on relevant advanced building technologies. International Eco-House is in a unique position to do this because of the backgrounds of the two principles in the company Mr. Kimihisa Ito and Mr. Chris Mattock.

Mr. Ito is a professional engineer with over 15 years experience in providing building materials and technical support to the Japanese housing industry. Mr. Chris Mattock is an Adjunct Professor of the School of Architecture at the University of British Columbia and an internationally recognized expert in the areas of building science, energy efficiency, and healthy housing technology. He has produced numerous publications and has over 20 years of experience in training the North American building industry in advanced building technologies. Mr. Ito and Mr. Mattock have combined their extensive experience and knowledge to select the highest quality products for distribution to the Japanese housing industry. They have also developed training courses and presentation materials to aid their customers in the selling and installation of that equipment.

International Eco-House primarily supplies heat recovery and energy recovery ventilation systems. We are the exclusive Japanese distributors for Venmar Ventilation Inc. who is the manufacturer of the van EE line of heat recovery and energy recovery ventilators. In order to ensure optimum operation, compatibility, and ease of installation, we also supply all of the accessory components necessary for the installation of these ventilators. All of the equipment and accessories supplied by us are unique, patented, and exclusively available to the Japanese market only through us. To date, International Eco-House has supplied over 500 heat recovery and energy recovery ventilation systems across Japan.

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